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You'll Be the Death of Me

Another thrilling page-turner from the queen of YA crime, Karen M McManus.

When Ivy, Mateo and Cal sneak out of a boring talk in Middle School and onto the streets of Boston, they have the Best Day Ever. Years later, and no longer friends, they find themselves in their high school carpark faced with the same choice. But ditching school won't recreate the magic of their previous escape. Murder, secrets and danger quickly turn this into the Worst Day Ever - but will it also be their last?

I loved this book. It's filled with complex characters who each have their own problems and secrets, which intertwine with each other in unexpected ways as the plot progresses. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes - or has previous choices come back to haunt them. While there is a spontaneity to their decision to ditch, there's a sense that the events of the novel could only happen to these characters, and that their mistakes would have caught up with them in the end even if they'd gone into school.

Like McManus' other books, You'll Be The Death of Me is an edge of your seat page-turner. It takes a lot to convince me to stay up late reading at the moment and not go back to sleep as soon as the baby does, but this book was impossible to put down and absolutely worth the sleepless night!

The ending was satisfyingly superb. I definitely don't want to give anything away but it's a great final twist.

Thank you The Write Reads and Penguin Platform for letting me be a part of the tour!


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