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Blog Tour: Saving the Sun

I loved Mending the Moon, so was very excited to be invited onto the tour for its follow up, Saving the Sun.

Luna and Poppa are admiring the sun on Summer Island when something terrible happens - instead of dipping below the horizon, the boiling sun sinks into the water to cool off instead! Can Luna rescue the sun by getting it back into the air and reheating it, before its too late?

These picture books are so very pretty! While Mending the Moon has a dreamy, nighttime colour scheme filled with purples and blues, Saving the Sun mixes in warm oranges and reds. I particularly liked the pages where the birds were circling the sun, and the sea creatures who help Luna reach the sun when it's in the sea, but all of the pictures are beautiful.

I love Luna's determination and ingenuity. The way she solves problems is so childlike and fun, and she never gives up, no matter how impossible the task before her seems - even if that means building a bonfire high enough to reach the sky, or making ropes long enough to reach around the sun. This book encourages young readers to think outside the box and always try their best.

Luna always has a host of friendly animals to help her too, with teamwork crucial to the success of her impressive rescue mission.

Thank you so much to author, Emma Pearl, for letting me take part in this tour.


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