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Blog Tour: Clytemnestra's Bind

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Clytemnestra's Bind. This chilling retelling kept me gripped from beginning to end as it charted Clytemnestra's story from her first husband's death, to Agamemnon's departure for Troy.

Filled with horror and death, it was never 'easy' reading, but Wilson's captivating writing and clever characterisation kept me turning the pages at pace. It is a story about motherhood, a woman's place in Ancient Greek mythology, and the destructive, cyclical nature of revenge.

Known best for her infamous role in Aeschylus's Oresteia, Clytemnestra's Bind shows a younger Clytemnestra, fighting for her place in a rapidly changing Mycenae, and advocating for herself and her children in a world that offers them little power. I enjoyed Wilson's portrayal of Clytemnestra at this point, which foreshadowed later events and added depth to her character. Her portrayal of Agamemnon and Elektra was also really interesting - and I especially enjoyed the tension between Clytemnestra and her youngest daughter, and Elektra's constant fight for approval from her uncaring father.

The ending, while tragic, is also triumphant, with a promise of revenge and power to come. I'm really looking forward to reading Wilson's next work.


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