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Blog Tour: Britannica's Encyclopedia Infographica

Did you know that freshwater snails kill more humans than snakes do every year?

Or that if you lined up all the seven other planets in the solar system, they would fit in the space between the Earth and the moon?!

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Britannica's Encyclopedia Infographica. Packed with astonishing information, this is one of the most brilliant non-fiction books I've ever read through.

It's been a particular hit with my six year old, who loved reading about everything from tsunamis to earthworms (did you know know the African giant earthworm can grow to 6.7 metres long?!) It's also helped to ask a couple of recent questions he's thrown at me on the school run (Do any one else's kids like to save their big, complicated questions for when you don't have the ability to Google?)

The Encyclopedia Infographica is so clear and easy to navigate, and filled with informative and engaging infographics. I can see it being really useful for homework, as well as curious questions. There are also scavenger hunts at the end of each section, to encourage you to go back through for a closer look.

We've only had this book for a few days, so I'm sure there's so much more to discover, but I'm really impressed with what we've discovered so far.


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