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Threads that Bind

An exciting YA novel with plenty of action, great sibling dynamics and a lots of twists.

Private investigator, Io, can see the threads of fate that bind people to the things they love and, as a cutter, she can also sever them. When Io witnesses a murder committed by someone with a broken life-thread, she's plunged into an investigation that will uncover the dark secrets of her city's past. Throughout, she's aided by Edei, a member of the Rossi mob who Io has spent the past few years avoiding - because the two are connected by a bright fate-thread Edei knows nothing about.

This novel had strong world-building which offered a dark but fresh look at Greek mythology, with characters descending from various powerful sibling groups like the Fates, the Graces and the Muses.

Io's character was complex and compelling. I loved seeing her debate the ethics of her fate-thread with Edei, as she's torn whether to tell him about it or severe it to set him free. Her relationships with her sisters was also endlessly interesting and offered plenty of drama.

After reading a lot of (brilliant) Greek Mythology retellings so far this year, it was fun to read something that offered a completely different take on the genre.


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