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The Thief

Eugenides's boast that he can steal anything may have landed him in the king's prison, but it may also be the key to getting him back out again. An impossible quest awaits in search of an object with the power to make kings and queens that no one have ever returned from seeking. Eugenides will need all of his skills as an expert thief if he's going to be successful, and stay alive.

The Thief is an interesting fantasy opening with superb world building, complex politics and fascinating religions. It's a great set up for the rest of the Queen's Thief series and left me excited to read on.

It's a slower but eventful quest narrative with a clever protagonist who hides things from the reader and keeps us guessing throughout, providing plenty of twists and drama. It's filled with stories within stories and detailed in-world mythology, and while this is a complete and satisfying narrative in its own right, there's clearly a lot being set up for future novels in the series.


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