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The Ivory Key

This book! Wow! I couldn't get this world and these characters out of my head for days after finishing. This story pulled me in from the very beginning and I was so disappointed when I reached the final page and had to stop.

Four siblings, four very different problems and one quest for a magical key that could save either themselves, or their realm. Vira wants the key to be a good leader, Riya wants to take it back to her 'real' family - the revolutionaries working against her sister - Ronak wants to escape and Kaleb wants to be free. When everyone has their own secret agenda even family becomes impossible to trust.

This novel is filled with excellent sibling rivalry, which made for such interesting and complex interactions between the characters. I loved the multiple view points and they way everyone had their own agenda and way of seeing the world.

The Ivory Key is fast paced with lots of puzzles, danger and excitement. There are some great twists too. The world building is fantastic, with a rich history and fascinating magic system, including secret societies and long lost magical treasure - it really does have everything you could possibly wish for in a YA fantasy. I can't wait to learn more in book two - the ending has left me with so many questions!


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