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The Beasts Beneath Our Feet

A clever verse picture book which takes readers on a prehistoric tour.

From the very first trilobites to herd of woolly mammoths, this story covers millions of years of evolution on its colourful, information packed pages.

My son loved spotting his favourite dinosaurs, and learning the names of a few new creatures too.

The illustrations are really striking (and would make amazing wall art) with a muted, warm colour scheme that brings the prehistoric landscape to life. The volcanic eruption page is really striking and the black and white end pages are lovely.

Its verse format makes The Beasts Beneath our Feet enjoyable to read aloud too (even if I did stumble over some of the pronunciations the first few times we read it!)

This picture book would make a lovely gift for a young dinosaur fan.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me a copy for review

The Beasts Beneath our Feet is written by James Carter and illustrated by Alisa Kosareva


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