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The Atlas Six

Is there a line you wouldn't cross to gain knowledge and power?

Six powerful magic wielders are invited to join a secretive society with access to unfathomable archives of books and lost knowledge. The catch? Only five of them can make it through the initiation. Cue mind games, fragile alliances and displays of extraordinary power. But knowledge comes at a cost, and all six will have to decide what they're willing to pay.

The Atlas Six is filled with murky morals and ethical dilemmas - with a host of morally ambiguous characters to ponder them. It's told from multiple viewpoints where everyone has their own agenda and motivations. Not everyone is easy to like (in fact I'm not sure there was anyone I really liked at all by the end?!) But that didn't mean I didn't enjoy reading about these characters. I liked Libby and Nico's rivalry as it made for some great arguments, and Parisa and Callum's chapters were always full of internal surprises.

This novel has a lot of clever world-building, with so much depth and history to explore. There are some good twists and plenty of moments where it was hard to put this down. Book two is set up really well, although it's difficult to work out what, exactly, is going to happen next.

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