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Saving Neverland

Saving Neverland is a brilliant retelling packed full of adventure and imagination.

Ever since the Terrible Day, Martha Pennydrop has been determined to grow up. That means no more cuddly toys, no more jumping on beds and definitely no more adventures. When Peter Pan arrives at her window one night to take her and her little brother, Scruff, to Neverland, Martha has no interest in getting sucked in by quests and curses. But Neverland needs Martha, and so does Scruff. Can two brave mainlanders face down frostbears, icesharks and ghost pirates and break Hook's curse before Neverland is lost forever? And can Martha learn that you can grow in more directions than 'up' and that you should never say no to adventure, no matter how old you get.

At the heart of Saving Neverland is a really special sibling relationship filled with love and fun. Martha and Scruff were brilliant heroes you'll root for from page one and their desire to get back to each other is the driving force of much of the action.

With her gymnastics skills and quick thinking, Martha is a perfect protagonist for this retelling, showing that girls can be every bit as adventurous as boys. Her interactions with Peter are brilliant, and she forms bonds with each of the Lost Children, who each had their own brilliant personalities.

Saving Neverland celebrates growing up (or down, or sideways) at the pace that's right for you. It's a reassuring novel about change and childhood, celebrating the importance of play and fun, and is perfect for its target age range.

I love Abi Elphinstone's novels, and in Saving Neverland she brings her trademark imagination and endless creativity to Neverland, with magical worldbuilding and an inexhaustible host of surprises. From riddles that open doors to magical mermaid songs, it's impossible to guess where the magic of Neverland will take children next, making this an exciting and faced-paced adventure. I can't wait to start it all over again with my children.

I was provided with an advanced copy for review via NetGalley.


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