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Psyche and Eros

Psyche and Eros is a fantastic mythological romance that I couldn't put down. Told from the perspective of both Psyche and Eros, and spanning thousands of years, this retelling was fresh and fun.

I loved the way McNamara wove in different myths, placing Psyche firmly into Iphigenia's tragedy in a way that felt completely natural and satisfying.

I studied Apuleius's The Golden Ass at uni and I liked that this retelling featured some of the characteristics of this myth's origins - stories within stories and animal metamorphoses and even the clever use of 'Cupid'.

Psyche and Eros's storylines wove together naturally, even when they were spanning very different timelines, and the gods were brilliantly flawed and devious (a must for any kind of Greek retelling).

Like Saint's Atalanta (and this was the third novel I've read this year to feature her as a character, with yet another take on the hunt for the Calydonian boar and her marriage), this novel explores what it might have meant to be female and a 'hero' - as well as some clever discussion over what being a 'hero' actually means.


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