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There are high-stakes and plenty of romance in this fantasy novel with Hunger Games vibes.

In a world ruled by Elites with magical powers, Ordinaries are banished or killed on detection unless, like Paedyn Gray, they manage to avoid detection by faking Elite powers. Paedyn's secret is safe until she unwittingly saves the life of Prince Kai and finds herself nominated for the Purging Trials. Can she keep her secret on the biggest and deadliest stage in the kingdom, while fighting growing feelings for a prince who will kill her if he discovers who she really is?

I loved the world building in Powerless and really enjoyed how varied the different Elite powers were. There's lots of interesting backstory and history to unpack, and plenty more to explore in book two.

There was also great banter and plenty of tension. I really enjoyed the way Paedyn and Kai's relationship evolved - the stolen moments between them were my favourite parts of this novel.

But oh, that ending! I am so desperate to find out what happens next!


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