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NetGalley Summer Reading Part Two

Half a Soul

Dora Ettings struggles to keep up with the conventions of Regency Society when the missing half of her soul means she doesn't feel the same fears or social anxieties as the other eligible young ladies. Her aunt is content to keep her hidden away in the countryside, but her cousin thinks London's Lord Sorcier might be able to help - because Dora does need help, doesn't she? Unfortunately, spending time with the least-liked man in high society does nothing for Dora's reputation, but it does give her an insight into the world of the fae, and a dark sickness which is sweeping across London. And, like Dora, there might be more to the Lord Sorcier than the fashionable world sees.

Half a Soul is the genre mash-up I never knew I needed (also, genre-mashups should definitely be more of A Thing). This novel has a Regency setting and a brilliant faerie-filled narrative. I raced through this novel and absolutely adored it. It was warm, sweet and utterly magical.


Signa is a wealthy orphan shunted from guardian to guardian after each succumbs to an untimely demise. Is she cursed, or is Death just trying to make her life as miserable as possible? It doesn't help that she doesn't seem capable of dying herself, and sees Death whenever she has a near-death experience. When Signa goes to Thorn Grove, she finds a family she wants to stay with - and she'll do anything to keep them safe.

But with a mysterious poisoner on the loose and Death following her every move, keeping her relatives alive could come at a deadly cost.

A mystery romance novel with Death as a major character? Belladonna is superb! It has creepy, gothic vibes, brilliant characters, vengeful ghosts and lots of poisons. I cannot wait for book two!


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