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Midnight in Everwood

Absolutely stunning.

All the beauty of an Ibbotson novel, with a twisting darkness that kept me turning page after page.

Kuzniar's descriptions are sublime - Everwood was a masterpiece of snow, sugar and magic. Everything was depicted so vividly and Kuzniar's world jumped from the page. From a mouthwatering array of food to gorgeous dresses and astonishing architecture, no detail is lacking.

Characterisation was excellent. Even when Marietta made a decision that made me want to shout at the book, she was so well defined as a character that I knew exactly why she was making the choice she did. The ballet terms grounded her character, making her passion (and therefore the choices dictated by it) utterly convincing. The historical grounding of the world was also superbly done, with hundreds of little touches and details.

Alongside its beautiful, sweeping narrative, Midnight in Everwood had strong feminist vibes, celebrating women's freedom and the right to choose, while also exploring some of the complexities of feminism, choice and privilege.

I had really high expectations for this novel, but it surpassed everyone of them. It is a delicious winter treat and perfect Christmas reading for snuggling up under a blanket with.


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