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In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen

A wonderful, immersive story filled with magic, nature and family.

When Ysolda's sister Hari is taken by the Wolf Queen, Ysolda will stop at nothing to get her back - including lying to the fearsome Queen and making a bargain that leads her on a deadly quest in search of a myth that could save the world.

This fantasy MG is beautifully written with lyrical prose. Millwood Hargrave's MG novels are always enchanting, and In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen is no different. Ysolda's connection to the natural world is integral to the story and the natural imagery shines throughout, as well as its message about climate change and looking after the world, which will strike a chord with readers.

In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen also celebrates the magic of storytelling, with Ysolda weaving truths into myths to make herself an indispensable navigator.

There is also plenty of adventure, action and tension to keep readers turning the page long after they should have gone to sleep, and unexpected twists that make it difficult to predict where this series will go next.


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