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I Would Rather Hug a Tiger

This colourful, funny picture book had us giggling from beginning to end!

Baby panda is always being asked to do boring things like brush their teeth or go to bed. They would much rather do something exciting, like hug a tiger, or snorkel with a crocodile, or high five a bee hive... But when mum suggests that baby panda brings all of their new, rather scary friends home for supper, baby panda decides that occasionally boring (and safe!) is best.

This picture book is so much fun. It turns mundane, everyday tasks into adventures and celebrates wanting to have fun, because, as the books says: "We all like doing adventurous things sometimes, don't we!"

The illustrations are bright and colourful and filled with all sorts of unexpected treats - this is a book where you never know quite what's going to be happening when you turn the page! It's lots of fun to read aloud too.

Thank you Scholastic for sending us a copy to review.

I Would Rather Hug a Tiger is written and illustrated by Lorna Scobie


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