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I'm Not Scary

I'm Not Scary is an adorable picture book about friendship, baking, and the danger of judging someone you don't know.

All bat wants is a friend to share his love of baking with, but his soaring shadow sends all the other animals running for cover, until a brave little bear follows her nose through the woods.

Poor Bat! Everyone is so certain he's a monster who wants to cook them for breakfast, but the only things he wants to bake are fresh bread, apple pies and cakes.

This sweet story is a great way to show young children why making judgements never ends well. Just because something is unknown, doesn't mean it's scary or a threat.

Kaduji's illustrations are cosy and warm, with an autumnal colour scheme that makes this the perfect book to enjoy after a walk through the woods, or on a chilly evening before bed.

Thank you so much Scholastic for sending me a copy to review.


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