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Girl, Goddess, Queen

To avoid an unwanted marriage to a self-centred god of her father's choosing, Persephone escapes to the one place no one will come to look for her: the Underworld. To stay, she'll have to convince the world's brooding ruler to let her upturn his secretive existence. For the first time in her life, Persephone is free to embrace the power she has always craved and carve out a life of her choosing. But can a goddess of flowers really bloom in a land beneath the ground?

I had high hopes for this novel and it surpassed every one of them. It's such a clever retelling, which somehow managed to stay true to the mythology which inspired it, while completely rewriting it in such a fresh and original way.

Persephone shone as a protagonist - I loved her unapologetic desire for power, which contrasted so well with Hades' softness.

I can't wait to read whatever Fitzgerald writes next (and get my hands on a stunning finished copy of this one!)


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