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Ember Shadows and the Lost Desert of Time

When Ember and Hans venture inside the tunnels of Mount Never, the last thing they expect is another high-stakes adventure! But someone has been cutting the newly-freed threads of fate, and Ember and Hans might be the only ones who can stop them. Following mysterious signs marked S.E.C.R.E.T. lead them into a world more extraordinary than they could ever have imagined - but can they save the threads, and their friendship, before time runs out?

This brilliant sequel is endlessly creative and inventive. I loved all of the new magical worlds and characters. Every new place and invention made me smile, from the brilliantly named Emocean to the time based bartering in the Lost Desert. This novel really was a delight to read.

Ember and Hans' unwavering friendship was really sweet. Ember is uncertain in this book, worried that her efforts to save her sister have upended the peaceful lives of others, and may even have lead to the current crisis. But Hans is there to support her and make her laugh throughout, along with a host of brilliant characters from book one, and a few new ones to stir up trouble!

My preordered copy has already arrived, so I'm looking forward to starting it all over again with my nine year old and enjoying the brilliant illustrations this time too.


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