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Blog Tour: The Beast and the Bethany

Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Beast and The Bethany: Revenge of the Beast

Revenge of the Beast brings more comic mayhem from Bethany, Ebenezer and the Beast.

The beast has gone and Bethany and Claudette have resolved to get rid of every beastly item in the house. But Ebenezer isn't that only one struggling to let go...

Bethany is also determined that she and Ebenezer are going to Do Good, but memories of her many pranks are still fresh in the town's mind, and there's the added complication that neither Bethany nor Ebenezer are actually sure what doing good involves. And it certainly doesn't help when the beastly things Bethany gives away seem desperate to return to their owner.

Book two is every bit as enjoyable as the first in this series. It gives readers an intriguing (and hilarious) insight into Ebenezer's past, and his early friendship with the Beast. Friendship remains an important theme throughout, along with trust and forgiveness - and this book has a lot of heart, even while making you laugh on every page!

As with book one, there are so many laugh out loud moments and quirks - who knew sweet making involved so much quantum mechanics?! It's filled with dark and silly humour perfect for its target audience (and great fun for adults reading along at bedtime too).

Thank you Farshore and The Write Reads for the opportunity to read and review book two! You can find loads more posts for the tour over on Twitter, where the Beast has launched a mini takeover this month.


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