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Blog Tour: Sid's Big Fib

Today is my stop on the tour for this brilliant picture book! Sid's Big Fib really brightened up our chicken-pox filled week and put a smile on my son's face every time we read it.

When Sid's need to impress his friend Lulu gets the better of him, he never intends for his little fib to spiral out of control into a "great -big-humongous, stuffed-crust, triple -topped, mega-mahoosive stinker!" but that's exactly what happens, accompanied by a helping of custardy, cosmic chaos. Because Sid tells Lulu his dad has built a rocket ship, and that he's going to the moon that night to bring Sid back some moon rock.

Laugh-out-loud funny, Sid's Big Fib is a great way to start talking to young children about the unintended repercussions of lying. Sid has plenty of opportunities to come clean, but instead keeps building on his original lie until chaos (in the form of his 'alien' baby sister) is unleashed on the school!

When the alien proves "too screamy, too slimy and ... FAR too stinky" for school, Sid has a lot of cleaning up to do, and he definitely learns his lesson. His next weekend with Lulu is filled with chocolate cake, swimming, and a rocket ship that provides lots of fun right here on Earth.

Avgustinovich's colourful illustrations are great. My favourite page is definitely the one where Sid is dressing up his little sister - sorry, "preparing his alien for its big day." I especially liked the clever detail with the fish.

This picture book was really fun to read and made us laugh a lot. Thank you so much Maverick Publishing for sending us a copy to review and for letting me take part in the tour.

Sid's Big Fin is written by Roo Parkin and illustrated by Irina Avgustinovich


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