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Barrington Stoke Books

I have three lovely Barrington Stoke books to review this week, covering everything from tea parties to electronic waste!

The Tea Party Parade by Nick Sharratt

This fun quick Little Gem from Nick Sharratt is so much fun! The playground has been filled with giant tea party items - what could be going on? It's the annual Children's Parade, and Class one will be parading as a tea party! From twirling tea cups, to a line of Swiss roll slices, this lovely story is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of young readers. My youngest got me to read it three times in a row and loved joining in, with the calls, cheers and instructions.

Sharratt's artwork is as bright and engaging as ever, making this book as much of a treat to look through as it is to read.

Featherlight by Peter Bunzl

A beautiful story about family, lighthouses, and a touch of very special magic. Deryn's mother and father have gone to the mainland for Deryn's new baby sibling to be born, leaving her alone in charge of their island lighthouse. When a mysterious bird arrives on the island strange things begin to happen. Can Deryn keep the lighthouse lit and the seas safe?

I read this wonderful story in one sitting. It's full of magic and mystery, and draws the reader in from the very first page. There's plenty of drama and tension too, from Deryn's absent parents to storms and oil shortages. I can see this story being really popular in school libraries.

Welcome to Trash Land by Steve Cole

Theo spends every day searching through piles of electrical trash, looking for metals he can sell to buy himself food. When Emanuel arrives and claims to have a map for buried treasure, Theo jumps at the opportunity to escape his difficult life. But Emanuel is keeping secrets, and finding the treasure could come with unexpected dangers. Is the chance of a better life worth the risk?

Welcome to Trash Land is a thought provoking story about what happens to our old and broken electronic items when we've finished with them. Like the other Barrington Stoke book I've reviewed by Steve Cole (World Burn Down), it has a strong environmental message and encourages readers to think about the way they look after the world.

It's also an exciting story, filled with high stakes and danger at every turn. Theo, Grifty and Emanuel are all excellent and interesting characters who readers will want to succeed, making this book impossible to put down as it races to its high stakes conclusion.

Thank you Barrington Stoke for sending me all three novels to review.


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