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A Lady's Guide to Fortune Hunting

I absolutely inhaled this delight of a novel. Fun, fast and full of Bridgerton-esque drama, A Lady's Guide to Fortune Hunting was a treat from start to finish.

When Kitty Talbot's fiancé breaks off their engagement she has only twelve weeks to find a new, wealthy husband before she and her four sisters are turned out of their home. She heads to London with a plan and a lot of determination, but pretending to be a member of the ton isn't as easy as she expects, especially with Lord Radcliffe watching her every move.

I really enjoyed A Lady's Guide to Fortune Hunting. It was so much fun to read, with great characters and plot twists. Kate's motivations are really clear and strong throughout, I loved Cecily with her fondness for literature and learning (and ability to say the wrong thing at the worst time!) This novel is filled with Regency dress, manners and dances, and it's interesting to view the customs and rules of the ton as an outsider alongside Kate.

The romance is well written, with plenty of tension and witty arguments. It's also builds slowly enough to feel completely natural.

Now I'm just hoping that, in true Bridgerton style, five sisters means a five book series - one novel definitely wasn't enough! I'll definitely be buying whatever Sophie Irwin writes next.


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