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A Hero Called Wolf

This fantastic follow on to Little Read Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf is funny, uplifting and really enjoyable.

Wolf loves reading, but he wishes he could find a book with a wolf who isn't the villain. When Mrs Jones the librarian suggests he writes his own story, wolf isn't sure. He's not tough, strong or a handsome prince. He can't possibly be a hero, or can he?

This lovely book shows that heroes come in all forms (and can always be found in libraries). It's constantly subverting readers' expectations and provided lots of laughs in the process. Sometimes bravery, cleverness or kindness are better for solving problems than knights in shining armour and princes in floppy hats. And no matter how big a problem someone might be facing, there's always a book that can help to solve it.

Mantle's illustrations are bright and bold, making every page cheerful and exciting to look at.

Thank you MacMillan Children's Books for sending us a copy to review.

A Hero Called Wolf is written by Lucy Rowland and illustrated by Ben Mantle


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