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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

A fun picture book about a very hungry wolfboy, although nothing is quite as it seems...

Wolfboy is hungry (and grumpy!) and he's on a moonlit hunt for rabbits, crossing murky creeks and steep ravines. The further he travels, the hungrier (and grumpier!) he gets. But then, in the moonlight, he sees two long ears...

Wolfboy is really fun to read aloud, with lots of sound effects (especially if you're used to looking after hungry, grumpy toddlers!) My son really enjoyed listening to this story and loved the twist at the end.

Harkness's distinctive, clay sculpted artwork is bright and memorable, and creates an immersive world for wolfboy and the rabbits to inhabit.

I was provided with an advanced, digital copy of Wolfboy for review.


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