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Unicorns Don't Love Sparkles

Just like rainbows, not every unicorn loves sparkles. This one certainly doesn't! He isn't a fan of pink, flowers, hearts or balloons either. He doesn't even like cake and would much rather eat a plate of cheesy broccoli. Birthday's can be tricky when you don't like any of the things everyone else seems to insist are vital parts of a good party, but perhaps Uni can still celebrate with his friends, in his own sparkle-free way.

While his dislike of sweet food might prompt some gasps, I think lots of children (and adults too) will be able to relate to not liking glitter and balloons. This funny book encourages children to celebrate their differences and be sensitive to what others like - a dancing and balloon filled birthday party is no good for someone who prefers broccoli and chess. Celebrating in a different way can show people just how much we care about them.

Uni may not love sparkles, but I love the bold, sparkly cover on this book, and it's sure to catch everyone's eye in the book shop. Mike Byrne's illustrations are packed with colour and fun, and Uni's often grumpy facial expressions are very funny too. The bright, block colour backgrounds make everything pop, and serve as a fantastic contrast to Uni's black clothing.

Thank you Scholastic for sending us a copy to review.

Unicorn's Don't Love Sparkles is written by Lucy Rowland and illustrated by Mike Byrne


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