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The Truth about Babies

Everyone says babies are sweet little bundles of joy, who sleep all the time and are so much fun to be around. But one little boy knows the truth: babies are monsters. But that doesn't mean he loves his little brother any less.

This is a quick fun picture book, perfect for children expecting a younger sibling, or who have had one recently arrive.

The artwork and text tell contrasting stories, with promises of the new baby's perfect behaviour conflicting with the red-faced, poo-producing ball of energy the older brother watches with growing horror. It really made my children giggle!

However, the overall message is one of love and family. It's honest about the sense of upheaval and chaos a new baby might bring, but also highlights the strength and beauty of sibling bonds. This is a story I can see us reading a lot over the next year!

Thank you Macmillan Children's Books for sending me an advanced copy to review.

The Truth About Babies is written and illustrated by Elina Ellis


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