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The Christmas Crumb

The Christmas Crumb is a really lovely Christmas story with a sweet festive message.

When a tiny crumb rolls away from a giant family's Christmas dinner, they decide it's much too small to worry about. But what seems tiny to a giant proves ginormous for someone else and that one Christmas crumb ends up doing a life-changing amount of good.

I love that this is a Christmas story with a message about giving - and how easily tiny things can make a big difference. The words on the final page (which I've included in the pictures below) are so true and Christmas - when there is often a lot of waste, excess and over indulgence! - is a great time of year to keep them in mind.

We loved the illustrations - from the details of the giant's banquet, to the snowy world beyond and the adorable little mouse hole. They're bright and cheerful and definitely put you in the mood for some festive food.

Thank you so much Maverick Publishing for sending us a copy of The Christmas Crumb to review

The Christmas Crumb is written by Lou Treleaven and illustrated by Alex Willmore


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