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Out of this World Board Books

We've had two wonderful, space themed board books from Little Tiger recently, one aimed at younger readers, the other slightly older.

Curious Kids: Stars and Space

This is the second Curious Kids pop-up book we have and it's another great one! There's so much to discover, with text and illustrations showcasing everything from space travel to the planets. I loved the colours of the illustrations and there's lots to look at on every page.

My six year old daughter really enjoyed all of the facts - this books is aimed at slightly older readers than a typical board book, who still want something eye catching and exciting. Although you could still definitely enjoy it with younger readers.

How it Works: Rocket

Bright, interactive and full of interesting facts! How it Works: Rocket is an engaging board book for the youngest of space fans.

Annotated illustrations throughout show all the key features of a rocket, while the clever peep through design shows how rockets change on their journey through space. All of the illustrations are very sweet (including a cute astronaut mouse to search for on every page!) This board book is a great introduction to space and space travel.


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