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I Don't Want to Go to School

A perfect book for young children getting ready for reception, with a fun twist that shows everyone gets nervous - and that's okay!

I don't want to go to school explores the anxieties and emotions many children have before starting school. It's full of first day nerves, what ifs, and racing hearts. When its two protagonists reach the classroom, they're not sure they can go through the door, but by making a pact to be brave together, they face their fears and have a brilliant first day.

This picture book is filled with sweet, colourful illustrations. Dinosaurs are my September-school-starter's favourite (something I know he's far from alone in) so they went down really well and I think will help this picture book attract plenty of attention in shops from four-year-old dinosaur enthusiasts (which is most four-year-olds I've met!)

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me a copy of I Don't Want to Go to School to review.

I Don't Want to Go to School is written by Lula Bell and illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald


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