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How to Be a Bug Warrior

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

A topical book about staying safe and healthy.

Danny Dino doesn't like wearing a mask, and he's in too much of a rush to wash his hands before eating. But when he gets poorly, his friends wonder if there are things he could have done to avoid becoming ill.

This picture book offers a clear guide to the importance of washing your hands and being careful in public spaces. The germs are clear to see - making this a great visual representation of how viruses are spread, in a way that's easy for children to understand.

The illustrations are really cute and colourful too, preventing How to Be a Bug Warrior from feeling dull or didactic. My children love the dinosaurs and the inclusion of characters and an easy-to-follow storyline helps this story to stay fun and interesting. There's also some great tips on staying safe and healthy, and a guide to washing your hands.

Thank you Little Steps Publishing for sending us a copy to review.


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