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Dragons Don't Share

Ruby is a good little dragon who always follows the dragon rules. But when those rules involve stealing things and never sharing, perhaps she should come up with her own instead. Luckily three new friend are on hand to show her how to do exactly that.

Dragons Don't Share is a lovely story about sharing, kindness and doing what's right. It's also about second chances and giving other's the opportunity to change their behaviour, even when they've hurt you - which is a very sweet message for a picture book as it's target audience don't always get sharing and friendship quite right!

The artwork is beautiful and full of bright colours. Ruby's cave will keep young readers busy for a while, searching through all the tiny details and spotting references to lots of other fairytales. The illustrations of Ruby's friends are all very sweet too.

Thank you Scholastic for sending me a copy of Dragons Don't Share to review

Dragons Don't Share is written and illustrated by Nicola Kinnear


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