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Detective LB and Hopper: The Case of the Missing Chocolate Frogs

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Chocolate frogs are going missing, but LB and Hopper are on the case. Can they uncover the thief and ensure Grandma Rose gets her treats?

This picture book is a great mystery story with plenty of clues for young readers to follow, and a super sweet subject matter! My kids loved guessing what was going on, and this story prompted lots of giggling and discussions.

There's quite a lot of text on the page, so this is a story for slightly older children - or children who want a longer bedtime story than most picture books will offer.

LB and Hooper are a great detective duo, who were lots of fun and I can see them returning for more books in the future - hopefully with more help from the Carrot Crusader too!

Thank you Little Steps Publishing for sending us a copy of Detective LB and Hopper to review.

Detective LB and Hopper is written by Janey Gaston and illustrated by Anil Tortop


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