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Archive Post: The ABC of Kindness

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I wanted to repost this review because I think it would make a perfect Christmas present for very young children. I said last year that this was the sweetest ABC board book I had ever come across, and I still believe that's true.

ABC of Kindness is a really different look at the alphabet - A is for "all of us" and M is for "making time for everyone". It's such a lovely idea and has made me smile every time I pick it up. It is a particularly good book to snuggle up with at the moment, when the world feels so scary and strange.

There are six animal characters: a lion, a giraffe, a mouse, a bear, an elephant and a rabbit, who play together and look after each other throughout the pages of this book. The gentle rhyme scheme is soothing, making this a brilliant book for bedtime, especially as it ends with the characters falling asleep.

The illustrations were adorable and I could easily imagine them hung on a nursery walls, especially as the words carry such wonderful messages.

The ABC of Kindness would make a lovely addition to any nursery, and a fantastic present for newborns and new parents.

The ABC of kindness is written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Summer Macon Thank you Little Tiger Group for sending us a copy of this story to review


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