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Agent Llama

Hotshot agent Charlie Palmer is on the trail of a very important pair of missing pants and she's not letting anyone - including her arch nemesis Bogdan Boom - get in her way.

From skiing down mountains to poolside battles, Agent Charlie is always on the go.

This picture book is lots of fun! There's plenty of silliness, lots of gadgets and some very funny rhymes.

There are some strong characters with great personalities - this format could definitely work over multiple books. Agent Charlie was a slick hero and Boom and Grimm made for exciting and funny adversaries.

Beedie's art work is bright and engaging, with a comic book style that works really well for the book's theme and keeps the sense of action high throughout.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me a copy of Agent Llama to review

Agent Llama is written by Angela Woolfe and illustrated by Duncan Beedie


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