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Zinnia Jakes: The Tumbling Tortoises

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

A fun, fast story filled with cakes, animals and secrets.

Zoe is so excited to be baking cakes for the local zoo's endangered animal program. But delivering them while keeping her identity a secret could be a big problem - especially when she learns the whole class will be there for a trip! With the cleverest girl in the class, Polly closing in on her secret and Coco the cat is acting very strangely, could this be the end of Zinnia Jakes?

This is a really enjoyable story which young readers will love. There's so much fun to be found on every page - from Coco's magical antics to Zoe and Addie's crazy excuses. I also love the concept of a secret kitchen just for cake baking. The Zinnia Jakes series is perfect for fans of baking, animals or stories with secret identities.

The recipe at the back is a nice bonus too - and one we can't wait to try at home!

Thank you New Frontier Publishing for sending me a copy to review.

Zinnia Jakes is written by Brenda Gurr


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