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Libby and the Parisian Puzzle

I loved this fun mystery!

When Libby's mum heads abroad for work, Libby is sent to her aunt Agatha's school in Paris. But Aunt Agatha's school is anything but ordinary - it travels from country to country each term, giving its pupils a chance to see global wonders and learn in a variety of exciting settings. When her aunt is arrested for a jewellery theft, it's up to budding detective Libby to the save the day.

I really wish this traveling school existed! It sounds SO great and is a fantastic premise for a book series. Paris made for a really exciting first setting, with plenty of sightseeing and delicious food. I'm excited to see where future stories take Libby, Connie and Aunt Agatha, but I also, I have SO many questions - where is Libby's mum and what is she up to? I hope we find out more in book two!

This middle grade mystery novel has high personal stakes, but not so much danger that younger mystery fans would find this scary. There's lots of clues, red herrings and twists to keep you turning the page (I read this in one sitting!) It has everything you could want from a mystery novel.

The NetGalley edition doesn't have the illustrations in it, so I'm looking forward to buying a finished copy to read with my eldest daughter, who I think is going to love this (and wish she could attend Libby's school!)


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