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The Haunted House (Agent Zaiba Investigates Book 3)

Agent Zaiba is back in her best case yet!

Does Zaiba's new friend Olivia live in a haunted house? Ali says it impossible, but Zaiba believes a good detective should keep an open mind and follow the evidence. When supernatural occurrences threaten to ruin Olivia's housewarming party, Zaiba knows the Snow Leopard Detective Agency (UK Branch) will have to get to the bottom of this case fast - before Olivia and her family are driven out of their new home forever.

With a plot Scooby Doo would love, this MG mystery has just the right amount of ghostly creepiness for its target audience. Its fast paced and full of clues, red herrings and plot twists, making it hard to put down.

I love Zaiba, Poppy and Ali. Zaiba's quiet self-confidence shines in this story. Her ability to pick herself up whenever she begins to doubt that she might not be able to do something is admirable and makes her an inspirational character for readers to look up to, without her feeling 'perfect' or arrogant. She believed in herself and her own abilities and I really hope young readers take some of confidence back into their own lives. Poppy remains queen of fashion and food (a refreshing pairing!) and I really want to try the recipe for Ali's delicious sounding aloo burgers (I just need to find a substitute for the cashews first due to allergies) There were some great new side characters in this story too, and an appearance from a very special person is Zaiba's life.

This series is going from strength to strength and I can't wait to find out what Zaiba gets up to next.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me a copy to review.

Agent Zaiba Investigates is written by Annabelle Sami and illustrated by Daniela Sosa


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