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Of Princes and Promises

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Of Princes and Promises is a sweet romance with all of Menon's classic swooniness.

Caterina LaValle is determined to return to school back on top. Mission one: arrive at the biggest ball of the season with a date who will show her ex - and the world - that she's moved on. But she doesn't want to take another Alaric, she needs someone completely new and unexpected - someone like Rahul Chopra. But even with etiquette lessons, new clothes and make up, Rahul doesn't quite fit brief. Could a pot of hair gel with supposedly magical properties turn this frog into a prince and put Caterina back where she belongs?

I was so excited to read this book. It was brilliant returning to the luxury and excess of Rosetta Academy. It's a really fun setting to read about, offering pure escapism with a hint of magic.

The links between this book and the first were fun too. Last book's Ice Queen became this story's heroine, with an ending that looks like a great set up for the next book too.

Of Princes and Promises also has a lovely message about being yourself and not changing for others. Being vulnerable, letting others in and forgiveness.


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