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Hotel Magnifique

Updated: May 14, 2022

Jani is certain that jobs at the Hotel Magnifique - a place where magic simmers in the air, the location beyond the walls changes every midnight, and guests loose their memories of their two week stay - will change her and her sister's lives. But behind the magic lies a secretive and unexpected darkness. The flashy maître, obsessed with power, will do anything to ensure the Hotel runs smoothly. Once she steps over the threshold, Jani quickly realises that the Hotel might not be the safe haven she was searching for, but checking out doesn't prove as easy as checking in.

Full of magic and wonder and endlessly imaginative. The hotel was a marvel. There's a lot of darkness in this book, but the magic always brought joy and wonder to the page.

Jani was a fantastic main character who never gave up. I loved her for her loyalty to her sister and her desire to help others, no matter the danger it puts her in. I also loved the teasing arguments and slow relationship between Jani and Bel.

Hotel Magnifique is filled with a strong cast of characters, with a particularly excellent group of villains. It was refreshing to read a standalone fantasy, especially one with such complex world building, as most of my recent YA reads have been part of a series. I'm excited to read whatever Taylor writes next.


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