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Me and the Robbersons

Fun, fast paced and filled with sweets. Meet the Robbersons is a perfect Summer MG adventure.

Maisie is in the car with her family when the Robbersons strike. They steal sweets, her sister's sunglasses, and - to the surprise of everyone - Maisie herself. Maisie is unsure what to make of her new life on the road, making notes in her diary as the Robbersons steal food and clothing from cars, spend days swimming at the beach, and eat endless amounts of sweets. When a trip to the bandits' Summer Shindig ends in a chaotic getaway, Maisie may be the only person who can help the Robbersons stay on the road and out of jail - but will she want to?

Maisie was a wonderful protagonist, bringing readers into the unconventional world of the Robbersons in a way that can't fail to delight. The characters were all individually brilliant. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite, from knife throwing, barbie-customising Hellie to quiet, determined Charlie, and romance author Kate.

Me and the Robbersons is a story children will love. There is so much fun to be had on every page, with plenty of silliness along the way. Filled with unexpected delights like Yahtzee to determine sleeping arrangements and the endless pursuit of Alien Puke.

While they may not be the best role models in the world (on account of their criminal activity!) The Robbersons are a great example of how to be a family. Their interactions were refreshing in a world of mobile phones and individual tech. They work together, spend time with each other and, when one of them needs something, it's a family effort to get it.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me an advanced copy to review.


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