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Kate on the Case

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

A fun train ride mystery for little detectives to sink their teeth into.

Kate and her pet mouse Rupert are a train ride away from being reunited with Kate's mum, who is exploring in the Arctic. But soon after boarding the train strange, seemingly unconnected items start to go missing. Kate dreams of becoming a special correspondent and opens an investigation into what's going on. Is the prickly Madam Maude to blame? Or are the young twins with extraordinarily long hair the culprits? And how will she ever get to the bottom of what's going on when there are travellers claiming there's a tiger on the loose?

Kate on the Case is perfect for readers growing in confidence who still appreciate plenty of illustrations alongside the text. And those illustrations are wonderful! I especially liked Rupert the mouse.

This story has a crazy plot filled with gymnastics trophies, disgraced chefs and tigers - I never knew where it was going to go next, and events will delight readers and keep them guessing throughout.

Kate on the Case is written and illustrated by Hannah Peck

Thank you Piccadilly Press for sending me a copy to review.


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