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Dragon Legend

An exciting sequel in a superb dragon adventure series.

Billy and his friends must travel back in time within the dragon realm to save Dylan, unite the eight pearls and defeat the Dragon of Death once and for all. But monsters, mayhem and a growing darkness in one of their own threaten not just their own futures, but that of the entire world.

This MG novel is fast paced and full of twists. It is a masterclass in adventure fiction, with plenty of encounters with terrifying monsters to keep readers on the edge of their seats - and turning the page long past bedtime.

All of the characters are well defined and I liked that Billy wasn't perfect - especially in his thoughts about JJ. He's a relatable hero who wants to do what is right, but still succumbs to his own emotions. Through out it all, the friendship and bravery of this team of protagonists shines. It was alos lovely to see the characters grow from where they started in book one.

The dragons themselves are a marvel. They bring the magic of this series to life and will have children throughout the country embarking on their own playground dragon adventures.

I can't wait to see what book three has in store!

I was provided with an advanced copy for review, via NetGalley.


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