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City of Rust

Full of adventure, space and friendship.

Railey has big plans to win the annual drone racing series with a bit of help from her best friend (and secret pilot), chameleon Atti. But when a fearsome runner starts chasing them, and Nan's rambling becomes even stranger than normal, they find themselves on a race through space instead, trying to save not only each other, but their world.

There are so many action scenes in this fast paced, non-stop MG adventure. Fowler's writing is cinematic and this story would make a superb film. Settings are all superbly described, from the dusty streets of Boxville to the chaotic (yet often beautiful) Soup.

Atti and Railey have a fantastic bond and their friendship forms the heart of this wonderful novel. The other characters they encounter, both in space and on Earth, all play important roles too.

An ecological message has been subtly woven into the story, and there's lots of awesome STEM as well. Main character Railey is an impressive engineer who will hopefully inspire a lot of young female readers.

With superb world building and a twisting, action packed plot, City of Rust is a must read for MG Sci-Fi fans this spring.

I was provided with an advanced copy of City of Rust for review.


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