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Blog Tour: Fireborn

Fireborn is a Middle Grade fantasy with a sweeping, epic feel, high stakes and plenty of action.

When Twelve joined the Hunters, she vowed to give up her name, identity and past, and promised to keep all of Ember safe. But her true intentions are rather different: learn what she can, leave the Lodge and avenge her family. She's not there to make friends - with the exception of her pet squirrel, Widge - or help Ember. But fellow Huntling Seven keeps getting under her skin, and when Seven is kidnapped following an attack on the Lodge, Twelve put her plans for revenge on hold and embarks on a mission to save her with two fellow Huntlings and a stone guardian called Dog. What she learns along the way will change how she views Ember - and herself - forever.

This Middle Grade adventure is filled with great characterisation. I really felt Twelve's fury and fire. She has a strong motivation and makes clear choices based on the events of her past. She's a protagonist readers will really root for and want to succeed, but she also isn't perfect, with a prickly personality and quick temper.

Ember's world building drew me in from the very beginning. A host of nasty creatures populate Aisling's world (all brilliantly described for maximum tension and excitement) and there was some great info on each of them through the inclusion of text-book excerpts. I feel like there's a lot more to come from Ember, which is rich with a history and magic we only dip into in book one.

Fireborn is also filled with excellent twists, which I won't say any more about here! It's guaranteed to keep Middle Grade readers turning the page, desperate to find out what will happen next.

The Fireborn tour continues until the weekend, so make sure you check out The Write Reads on twitter to keep up with all the brilliant posts!


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