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Aziza's Secret Fairy Door

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

This story was a big hit with my seven year old and is great for fans of Isadora Moon and Amelia Fang, or parents of rainbow fairies fans who are looking for something fairy filled but less formulaic.

When Aziza's aunt gives her a fairy door, Aziza really hopes that a fairy will come to visit her. The last thing she expects is to be sucked through the door herself and into the magical world of Shimmerton. But when the doorknob is stolen and the fairy door stops working, it looks as though Aziza's stay might last more than one night. Will she ever get back home to her family?

Aziza's Secret Fairy Door has an exciting plot and a great world which we are looking forward to learning more about in future books. It has a strong cast of characters too - we really liked Tiko, a shapeshifting bear who doesn't always get his transformations right.

I liked that the antagonists - the Gigglers - were viewed as perfect by the adults in the book. It's a frustration I think a lot of children will relate to. Aziza and Peri keep asking for help, but are continually told the Gigglers couldn't possibly have done what they're accusing them of, leaving them to reclaim Aziza's doorknob themselves.

There's also a fun glossary at the end detailing where names and creatures were taken from/inspired by. This is a diverse story which uses myths from all over the world.

Aziza's Secret Fairy Door is written by Lola Morayo and illustrated by Cory Reid

Thank you Macmillan Children's Books for sending me a copy to review.


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