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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

A fascinating and fresh take on Greek mythology, set in the modern day.

As punishment for their behaviour, seven Olympian gods are cursed by Zeus to becomes mortal for seven days, every seven years, during which time they can be hunted by the descendants of Greek heroes and killed. Kill a god, and you take their power - but become a target yourself. After a devastating personal tragedy at the end of the last Agon, Lore has vowed to leave the worlds of gods and hunters behind, only to be dragged straight back in by a goddess on her deathbed and a promise of revenge.

Moments from many different myths are woven throughout Lore, making it a great read for classics fans. I really liked the way the new gods influenced their families fortunes during the seven years they were immortal, making everything from vaccines to successful Hollywood films. A lot of thought had gone into the role these gods could play in a modern world.

Lore was a great protagonist, who overcomes many internal obstacles over the course of the novel. Bracken has created a male-dominated world of restrictions, rules and violence, in which women are not allowed to run their households, or supposed to kill gods and ascend, but the plot has plenty of feminist undertones.

A small note of warning - there is a lot of violence in this story, so if that's something you would rather not read, this story won't be for you.

I was provided with an advanced copy of Lore for review via NetGalley.


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