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Mirrored Snow is a YA gender-reversed retelling of Snow White, told from the perspective of the girl trapped in the queen’s magic mirror.

Unseen by all, Mirror has spent her entire life spying for Queen Maia from inside palace mirrors, her reports condemning courtiers and servants to the queen’s cruelty. She dreams of living beyond the confines of her mirror, and having friends who know she exists - rather than the one-way conversations she is used to carrying out with castle staff. But if she defies the queen, the castle workers she watches and loves will be killed. Mirror already lives with the guilt of one death, and refuses to be responsible for another.


When Prince Snowdon arrives - and is the first person other than the queen who can see her – Mirror dares to consider an alternative future. With Snowdon on the throne, her friends will be safe and Mirror can look for a solution to the curse that traps her, without putting anyone at risk.

However, the queen is intent on killing Snowdon, and helping the prince will put her friends, and her own existence, in greater danger. But spending time with Snowdon is everything Mirror hoped having a real friend would be, and she soon realises she cares about him too much to let her fears stand in the way of saving him.

If Mirror is going to defeat the queen and protect her friends, she will have to see herself as more than an empty reflection first.

Mirrored Snow will appeal to fans of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, Kalynn Bayron’s Cinderella is Dead, and A Throne of Swans by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr. It was Long Listed for the Write Mentor Children’s Novel Award 2020 and selected for the Write Mentor mentoring scheme the following summer. 





I have a number of stories available to read on Wattpad, where I am part of the Stars Program, including an elemental magic trilogy, a fantasy novel told in free verse, and a dystopian novel about direct democracy. 

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