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Winnie and Wilbur 35th Anniversary Book Blog Tour

Today is my stop on the blog tour for the 35th Anniversary edition of Winnie and Wilbur! To celebrate 35 years of Winnie and Wilbur's hilarious adventures, Oxford Childrens have released a beautiful, hardback edition of the original story, with an eye-catching foil cover and some extra treats inside, including forwards written by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.

Winnie shares her big black house with Wilbur, her big black cat. But whenever he closes his green eyes, Winnie has a habit of tripping over or even sitting on him! Her solution? Perhaps Wilbur would be better in a luminous shade of green, or with rainbow coloured fur...

We love the Winnie and Wilbur books - they're probably our most borrowed library books and are always coming home in school book bags too (I wonder how many British school children Winnie and Wilbur have helped learn to read?) But it's been quite a long time since I'd read this particular story, so it was lovely to return to it this week.

With her wonky hat and stripy tights, Winnie is immediately recognisable in book shops and it's always fun seeing what she and Wilbur get up to. Whether they're zooming into space or meeting Santa, their antics are guaranteed to make young readers laugh.

This series has a wonderful, timeless quality and until this tour, I had no idea it was 35 years old, theses books are just as relevant and exciting as if they'd come out yesterday.

Thank you so much Oxford Childrens for letting us be a part of this tour - and for sending so many brilliant props to help us celebrate. We're having a fantastic, Winnie and Wilbur-themed half term and next today we're going to design some special birthday cakes for Winnie and Wilbur to enjoy.


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