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Whose Dog is This?

One of our favourite picture book protagonists from last year is back with another UNBELIEVABLE adventure.

The garden is a disaster, the kitchen looks like a battle ground and there's nothing left for dinner. Albert claims next-door's dog is really secret agent Jonny Waffles and together they've been chasing the evil Feathers Von Beak to stop him getting his hands on a top-secret document (/shopping list), but dad finds that VERY hard to believe. Can Albert clean up all the mess, return Mrs Buttercrumble's dog and still get dessert?

This book is laugh-out-loud fun. It's filled with chaos and silliness and is such a treat to read. The question and answer format works really well and dad's increasingly exasperated questions will resonate with a lot of adults! Older children might like to try reading one of the character's parts too.

The art work is bright and engaging, with so much to keep little readers engaged, including some recurring characters to look out for. We loved Jonny Waffles/Buttons, who changes from focused agent to silly dog from page to page .

As with Where Has All The Cake Gone?, your assumption that this is all just a far-fetched excuse to get away with making a lot of mess is upturned on the final page. Is Buttons really a secret agent after all? And what is Albert going to get up to next?!

Thank you so much @macmillankidsuk for sending me a copy to review!

Whose Dog is This? is written by @short_and_smiley and illustrated by @ayshaillustrates


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